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Who we are

We are a young and dynamic company which offers different services in the area of datadriven marketing and neuromarketing. Marketing is our passion, science our weapon and creativity as well as ambition our favourite tools. Our Vision is to support efficient communication between ogranizations and people with all the knowledge science has given to us.
We love to help others and make marketing more efficient. 

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Braindriven Optimizer

born to supercharge your visuals

The Braindriven Optimizer is an AI-Driven Software, that let’s you quickly analyze your marketing assets. It is supported by thousands of studies and can show you how you are capturing your customers attention and which option might be the perfect choice.



What’s behind Braindriven Marketing

The world is datadriven – especially the world of marketing. There is almost no modern company which does not analyse and use data. But what we should not forget is that marketing aims to inform and convince people. And people are not datadriven. Their behavior is not always logical or binary because it is influenced by emotions and thoughts – by the neurology of our brain. This is why braindriven marketing combines the disciplines of datadriven marketing and neuromarketing. We bring data, science and emotions together and mix them up to a new and modern way of communication.

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