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combining neuromarketing with a datadriven approach


What makes marketing more effective? An important factor is understanding the customer – a challenge every company faces. The more we understand our customers, the less money we waste in ineffective marketing or communication activities. So, what is neuromarketing and how does it relate to our marketing effectiveness?

Neuromarketing is a marketing discipline, that combines neuroscience, behavioural sciences and psychology with marketing. The aim is to understand how the human brain works and how we can use this knowledge to optimise our communication activities. It is key to understanding customers and creating efficient communications.

There are many reasons to use neuromarketing, the more it is applied the more efficient marketing can be. This is why we integrate neuromarketing in all our projects.


Datadriven marketing is a common and essential approach. The idea is to review the effectiveness and efficiency of all marketing activities by measuring performance indicators. Knowing which marketing activities convince customers to buy a product and which just cost money is the key to optimising marketing strategies and smart budget allocations.

But it is not always simple for companies to get enough data about their marketing activities and customers. Additionally, data needs to be evaluated and interpreted. This too is a difficult process. To truly reap the rewards, it is important to understand how data can best be collected and what is the right approach to evaluate it. The better we get at understanding and acting on the collected information, the more efficient our marketing becomes.

We know how to deal with data and how to apply the results.


Neuromarketing helps to optimise creatives for specific target audiences. It provides answers to important questions such as:

Which images, colours or forms should be used?
Which kind of creatives will be effective?
What should be communicated?
How to communicate it and be understood quickly and remembered for a long time?

Neuroscience, behavioural science and psychology help to answer these questions and build efficient creatives.


Companies often times use their experiences or gut feelings to optimise the conversion rate. Some use tools, which gives them data to optimise it more efficiently. Yet, the most effective approach to optimise the conversion rate is to include scientific knowledge about how human minds process information and data within the data collection and optimisation process.

There are multiple opportunities to using neuromarketing together with a datadriven approach. As an example, we can measure what customers feel, when they see specific creatives or observe what catches their attention by tracking the movement of the eyes.

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