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Further Education

Efficient Creatives

Individual Consulting


The International
Neuromarketing Days 2022

The more in-depth courses at our conferences continually receive the goodwill of the participants and we understand that many appreciate the more interactive approach.  As a result, in 2022 we are repeating the International Neuromarketing Days. During the event, participants are able to attend courses in different areas of neuromarketing.

Days June 2022

Neuromarketing Conference

We believe that neuromarketing is useful for everybody who works in marketing and communication, we organise conferences like the digital Neuromarketing Conference, which will take place again in November 2022. The mixture of networking and content is perfect to discover new topics and generate new ideas for daily business.

Last Years Program


During 2021 we will offer a certification for all wishing to understand neuromarketing better and use it in their daily business. The certification will be for all marketers, human resource departments and anyone else who deals with communications constantly. Every participant who aims to get the certification can choose from several focus topics which are the most relevant to them.



Braindriven Optimizer

born to supercharge your visuals

The Braindriven Optimizer is an AI-Driven Software, that let’s you quickly analyze your marketing assets. It is supported by thousands of studies and can show you how you are capturing your customers attention and which option might be the perfect choice.

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Explanatory Videos

We use our expertise in neuromarketing and creativity to design creatives for efficient marketing. Our speciality are explanatory videos. We create them with a specific focus in mind: simplicity. Allowing customers to understand products and services quickly and remember them well.



Conversion Optimisation

There are several possibilities to optimise the conversion rate of a website or shop using neuromarketing. We have a specific workflow for our optimisation projects: 

– Analysing the current situation & target group

– Using studies and practical experiences to develop possible optimisations

– Choose the most efficient ideas 

– Run them through A/B-testing

We are convinced that we are able to optimise your conversion rate. Therefore, we offer a success-based payment plan. Our clients only pay for successful optimisations.